One to One Mentoring

EOSRG Ltd provides specialist mentoring services that bring out the full potential of you or your team.

  • STRATEGY: Develop a strategic understanding of business issues.
  • SOUNDING BOARD: An impartial sounding board for ideas in a safe and controlled environment.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Gain a broader understanding of boardroom dynamics.
  • EXPERIENCE: Access to business leaders with specialist expertise or industry experience.

Sometimes we can almost ‘sense’ some of the problems we face, but for a number of reasons we develop blind spots. What is needed is access to experienced people to discuss these issues with and to gain from their insights and expertise.

Working with EOSRG’ network of industry experts, we can deliver one to one monthly mentoring as well as the coaching sessions for your senior team. These sessions allow our highly experienced consultants to help explore issues faced by your team in a private and supportive environment with complete confidentiality.

The sessions allow our consultants to gain an in-depth understanding of a member’s business so that they can apply their wealth of experience to help problem-solve, to create new thinking and to stimulate the development of each member’s leadership skills.

For many successful business people, being mentored and coached is a critical part of their leadership and business knowledge development. The relationship with a mentor can be seen as a type of confidant, often developing in to lifelong friendships.

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