Personal and Team Development

Getting the most out of our people in the new challenging and changing environment. At EOSRG we only work with individuals who have real empathy with your business environment so they can deliver effectively and quickly.

Benefits we offer at EOSRG

  • FEEDBACK: Our service range includes job profiling and analysis and the use of structured feedback
  • COLLABORATION: We work in partnership with your organisation at every stage, with a business emphasis based on collaboration and support, to ensure that our service is carefully tailored to your specific needs.
  • INNOVATIVE: Our assessment approaches are innovative, easy to administer and score, plus they are gender and ethnicity neutral. Of course they are fun too!
  • FLEXIBLE: We deliver both bespoke and off the shelf scenarios across the whole spectrum of management, from junior managers to the Chief Executives. We have experience of assessments for support staff and administrators through to specialists and functional professionals.
  • EXPERIENCE: Over the years our team has established effective working relationships with a range of key assessment originators. Consequently we have an extensive knowledge of the current market place for all “off the shelf” assessment products.
  • PROFESSIONALS: Our psychologists are qualified to administer a wide range of both industry standard and specialist tests. They have extensive experience of psychometrics in the context of selection and assessment, personal and group development, and counselling.
  • EXPERTS: Our consultants are experts in a wide range of personality assessment tools, trait and type, motivational questionnaires and ability tests. We are licensed to use psychometric products by all key test providers.
  • TAILORED: We offer bespoke, structured solutions that can be designed to be applicable to any level and type of role. They include written analysis, group exercises (both collaborative and competitive), role-plays and behavioural simulations, in-tray exercises and problem solving presentations.
  • CORE COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT: By working with you we can develop a core set of competencies to help benchmark and develop your team (using development centres, internal or public training resources)
  • SUCESSION PLANNING: Our tools and methods can be structured towards internal succession planning and to identify developmental needs.
  • PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS AND EMBEDDING: Our team will ensure that all development solutions are fully embedded within your existing PDR frameworks. In addition a focus on line manager coaching skills can ensure they become a positive habit.
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