Executive Coaching

We believe that the over-riding objective of Executive Coaching should be to manage, develop and retain key individuals.

Our Coaches assist individuals to manage change, develop their potential and enhance their performance, ensuring their contribution to overall organisational effectiveness and profitability.

Coaching can include areas where an individual perceives they are already strong, as well as areas where they need to make progress:

  • Motivation – developing staff commitment
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Management process/project Management
  • Goal setting with a focus on SMART’s
  • Develop personal confidence and self-awareness
  • Coaching and mentoring

Each EOSRG Coach is carefully selected to fit with the individual being coached. If the relationship doesn’t work for any reason, we’ll change the Coach.

When combined with 360° feedback and personality assessment, EOS Coaching becomes a powerful tool for individual and organisational change and development.

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